HHO for Diesel Trucks

You have come to the right place to start saving money on diesel fuel and help your engine run smoother, cleaner and longer. Most Diesel engines only burn +/- 55% of the fuel injected into them, the other +/- 45% goes out the exhaust. Ever wonder why your exhaust stacks emit black smoke? Today, with low sulfur diesel fuel your horsepower has dropped along with your miles per gallon. Go GREEN - Burn Clean!

With the price of diesel fuel at high levels, we offer the best additive available, Hydrogen! What additive can increase your efficiency 20% to 50% and help your engine run cooler, cleaner with more power? Our new Hydro Dynamo™ Hydrogen Booster for Diesel Engines has design improvements others do not. For years we have been developing the latest technologies to maximize an engines efficiency to increase fuel economy, performance and a cleaner environment. What size Booster do you need? We do not sell kits or false promises.

Hydrogen Works GREAT on Diesel Engines!

Diesel engines fire at top dead center; hydrogen injected into Diesel fuel makes it more combustible, which makes it burn more efficiently eliminating wasted fuel. Diesels engines will run smoother, cooler, cleaner (less maintenance-increases lifespan) with more power.

Hydro Dynamics HHO Hydrogen Booster's are a Green Product. Hydrogen Gas is 100% eco-friendly. In addition to Hydrogen on Demand saving fuel with more power, it can reduce an engines Carbon footprint +/- 85%. It is our obligation to help our environment any way we can. Go GREEN - Burn CLEAN! 

Note: Diesel Engines may require a MAP or MAF sensor module. A PWM (Power Width Module) is recommended and should be installed for enhanced ability to control and maximize fuel efficiency. Engines with Turbochargers or Turbo-Boost units may require more hydrogen. What size Booster do you need? 

Whether you drive a Semi-Tractor Trailer or a Diesel Pickup truck a Hydro Dynamics Hydrogen Generator can help you save fuel.

Increase your Fuel efficiency (20% to 50%) and reduce Carbon Pollution (+/- 85%).

 Our Products are Certified. If you do not have Certification you cannot be registered as a HYBRID. 

 Engines with Turbochargers or Turbo-Boost units may require more hydrogen. Contact us for more information.

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